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Fun Way

  • Hours per week 1-3

  • Levels 1-3

  • British English

Fun Way is a specially designed series for 6 to 8 year-old children starting to learn English. It is a three-level course that will make the kids’ English learning experience unique and unforgettable. Each lesson in the book is engaging and motivating, with songs, games and activities devised to help children learn the target language in a playful way.

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Key features

The series aims to help children:  
  • become familiarised with the language in a relaxed way.
  • use the language in significant contexts.
  • participate in activities and express themselves in the language studied.
  • develop their imagination.
  • learn in different ways.
  • have a positive attitude when learning the language, by promoting a holistic education through the connection with other areas in the process.
  • read and enjoy stories.

Components and resources

Student’s Book + Activity Book + Story

Learn more about Fun Way: Student’s Book + Activity Book + Story

Teacher’s Book + Audio

Teacher’s Book + Audio


Fun Way – Pictionaries



Learn more about Fun Way: Teacher’s Book + Audio

Learn more about Fun Way: Posters

Learn more about Fun Way: Pictionaries

Learn more about Fun Way: Flashcards


For Students Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Student’s Book 9789504649717 9789504650171 9789504650614
Digital Book 9789504650379 9789504650294 9789504652120
For Teachers Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Teacher’s Book 9789504649847 9789504650768 9789504651888

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