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Planet Warriors

  • Hours per week 1-3

  • Levels 3

  • British English

With Planet Warriors, children will certainly learn English in an enjoyable way through a wealth of challenging activities. But they will also become the new warriors who fight for a more sustainable world as they dive into texts and activities about sustainability and get to know about the UN Sustainable Goals. They will also enlarge their knowledge of the world through various CLIL topics and STEAM projects and reinforce their knowledge of English through constant recycling and integration of grammar. At the same time, they will focus on and develop their Social and Emotional Learning skills by reflecting on the effect of their own actions and attitudes and the effect they have in their community.

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Key features of Planet Warriors

  • Clear and easy-to-use material within a simply-structured, thorough and up-to-date programme
  • Variety of printed and digital cross-curricular, interactive and fun project work activities for students
  • Development of critical-thinking skills through thought-provoking texts and activities
  • Plenty of extra ideas and materials for teachers

Meet the authors

Components and resources

Student´s Book and Workbook


Learn more about Planet Warriors: Student´s Book and Workbook

The Student’s Book in each level of Planet Warriors consists of six units followed by a Workbook section and an Extra Practice section. The first unit starts with a double-page spread featuring Eco, a planet warrior who wil accompany the children in their discovery adventures of the English language, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, CLIL topics, STEAM projects and Social Emotional Skills.

Each unit features a Review section, which consists of one page in Units 1, 2 and 3 and three pages in Units 2, 4 and 6 so that students have plenty of opportunities for revising and recycling the language

The Workbook and Extra Practice sections offer plenty of opportunities for further practice, extension and consolidation.

Learn more about Planet Warriors: RLP

Includes fun Interactive Activities for further learning

Planet Warriors: Teacher’s Book

Learn more about Planet Warriors: Planet Warriors: Teacher’s Book

The downloadable Teacher’s Book provides detailed instructions for developing the activities in the Student’s Book, as well as their answers, plus the theoretical foundation of the series. In addition, it includes suggestions for extra activities and audioscripts.

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