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All Around

  • Hours per week 1 - 3

  • Levels 3

  • British English

All Around New Edition is a fully updated and improved version of the best seller All Around. While still focusing primarily on the learning of the English language. The topics, activities and resources in this new edition have been carefully redesigned to teach the whole child: cognitively, creatively and socially through a variety of modern and entertaining projects and social emotional competences activities. A Big Question now establishes the central topic of the unit and promotes critical thinking, curiosity and interest in learning. As students acquire and practise extensively the necessary language skills in English, the series also helps them develop themselves socially and emotionally at the same time.

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Key features of All Around:

  • A clear and easy-to-use material within a simply-structured and integrated programme.
  • Variety of printed and digital crosscurricular, interactive and fun activities for students.
  • Plenty of extra ideas and materials for teachers.

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Components and resources

Student’s Book + Workbook

Learn more about All Around: Student’s Book + Workbook

Teacher’s Book + Audio


Learn more about All Around: Teacher’s Book + Audio

Learn more about All Around: Posters


For Students Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Student’s Book + Workbook 9789504656258 9789504656517 9789504656531
Digital Book 9789504657316 9789504657323 9789504657330
For Teachers Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Teacher’s Book 9789504656289 9789504656524 9789504656548
Posters 7798275222137 7798275222144 7798275222151

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