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Primary Readers

Richmond Primary Readers series is an original collection of 18 beautifully illustrated graded readers over six levels. The language has been adapted for each level of primary education and the series is fully mapped to the Cambridge Young Learners’ suite. Each title includes a picture dictionary section and the series is accompanied by extra teacher’s resources, including worksheets and downloadable audio.

  • Footprints in the Forest
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    Footprints in the Forest
    Daniela doesn’t want to be naughty but she is always getting into trouble.
  • Rubbish Rivals
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    Rubbish Rivals
    Wally Walker and the evil Lady Goff are rivals in the scrap and reclying business.
  • The Rock Pool
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    The Rock Pool
    Simon Kelly lives with his parents in an isolated lighthouse in Australia.
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    A Maori Story
    Hinemoa is a beautiful girl who lives with her father. Tuta is a handsome young man who lives in the island of Mokoia.
  • Aladdin and other stories from the Arabian Nights
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    Aladdin and other stories from the Arabian Nights
    Sheherezade tells the King stories for one thousand and one nights. This books contains three of the most popular.
  • Professor Wong and King Arthur
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    Professor Wong and King Arthur
    Professor Wong can travel to different countries and different times. He travels with his Friends to the times of King Arthur. Can they rescue Arthur so that he can become King?
  • The Chat Room
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    The Chat Room
    Alex has to leave the tennis team and joins the computer club. In the school chat room, she makes a new online friend but she son finds out what makes a real friend.
  • Mystery Island
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    Mystery Island
    While on holiday by the sea, Star is given a very special old telescope. This telescope reveals a mysterious island.
  • The Christmas Mouse
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    The Christmas Mouse
    Harry the mouse lives under a Wood pile in a farm. One day, he sees the sparkly Christmas decorations in the house and goes inside to explore.
  • C.C. goes to India
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    C.C. goes to India
    C. C. is a curious cow who has heard that cows in India are treated very well. She decides to go there. On her way, she meets Kanga the Kangaroo, who is going to Australia. They travel together and then C. C. goes on to India.
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    Pedro’s Project
    Pedro has moved to England from Brazil . Everybody likes Pedro except for Luke. Pedro and his friends decide to take part in the science project competition . Luke and his friends also want to win, so they try to sabotage Pedro’s project .
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    Lara and Maya are not friends! On a school trip to the museum, they are sent to reception for fighting. They make friends on the way and play in an old plane. They fell asleep and are left behind when the class goes home. Burglars break into the museum and the girls team up to stop them stealing the biggest diamond in the world.
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    Who’s coming for tea?
    Somebody special is coming for tea. The children look through the letter box and under the door to see who is coming. Follow the clues and see if you can guess who it is.
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    Ozzie and Summersun
    Ozzie, a little polar bear, loves the North Pole but he loves his friends more. When they hear about summer, Ozzie fetches Summer Sun from the Equator and they all have fun together . However, slowly the environment begins to change and Ozzie’s friends become ill . What will Ozzie do about it?
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    The Magic Carpet
    Identical twins, Mike and Spike, move house and discover they have a new carpet. It's a magic carpet and it gives them three wishes. They take part in a magic carpet race and have lots of adventures.
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    Lucy rescues a very smelly, old teddy bear from a dustbin in the park. She takes him home and washes him. Now he smells very different. At night, in the storm, Lucy lies frightened in bed, hugging Smellybear. Smellybear tells her to jump out of bed and run to the door because something is aboutto happen!
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    Mole at the Seaside
    Mole’s world changes when Seagull finds a pair of glasses for him. He can see! He goes on holiday to the seaside where he makes new friends and has many adventures.
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    Callum the Caterpillar
    Callum is lonely. He has no‐one to play with, so the Tulip Fairy kindly waves her Callum the Caterpillar wand to bring him some friends. Suddenly there are caterpillars everywhere and there is no room for Callum any more.