Number of Levels: 4 (full edition) | 7 (split edition)
Sample Unit:


Scope & Sequence:

Stopwatch is a fast-paced, eye-catching course for secondary students, from true beginners to B1. Our unique four-level (full eidition) or seven level (split edition) structure allows schools to fine tune their selection according to the specific needs and abilities of their students. Relevant topics and impactful images will keep students engaged and learning, while the carefully-designed curriculum ensures that they advance and succeed.

Development of visual literacy skills through icons and impactful photos.

Hands-on projects in print and/or digital form.

Development of critical thinking skills to answer relevant, thought‐provoking questions.

The Stopwatch App keeps time for game‐based challenges in the book.

Student’s Book with Integrated Workbook

Teacher’s Guide + Audio CD

Digital Book

Stopwatch App

Interactive Activities

Teacher’s Toolkit with

  • Grammar, Vocabulary and Reading Worksheets
  • Exam Package
  • Tests Audio
  • Placement Tests