Sign Up to English New Edition

Scope & Sequence:

Sign Up to English New Edition is a fully-updated and improved version of the best seller Sign Up to English, a four-level (in its full edition) or seven-level (in its split edition version) series specially designed for teenagers studying English as a foreign language. It takes learners from a beginner or false beginner to a preintermediate level.

Sign Up to English New Edition has been fully redesigned and updated:

The lesson layout now looks more modern,clean, clear and dynamic.

NEW icons have been designed for listening, speaking, reading and social emotional skills and interactive activities icons for easy reference.

Topics have NOW been updated and specially chosen for the teenager of today's world. There is now a NEW focus on the development of 21st Century Skills: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.

MORE collaborative pair-work and group activities.

MORE textual genre variety: articles, chats, posts, comics, interviews and others.


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