Keep it REAL!

Scope & Sequence:

Keep it REAL! is the ideal 6-level secondary course for today’s mixed-ability classes, with its flexible blend of dynamic video and digital content, easy-to-use classroom materials, and focus on developing communicative competence and 21st century skills.


Flexible blended learning package caters for learners in and outside the classroom

21st century skills: critical thinking, creativity, media literacy and cultural awareness

Real vloggers present target vocabulary in contemporary contexts


Entertaining animations contextualise and highlight key language points

An innovative digital game develops peer-to-peer collaboration and interaction

Short documentaries raise awareness of English-speaking cultures


Manageable receptive and productive skills development

Practice and assessment at different levels for mixed ability

Opportunities for extended learning through Projects and Literature sections


Complete component package for learners and teachers

A huge range of consolidation and revision activities in print and online

Comprehensive reference sections in the Language Summary pages

For students:



Richmond Learning Platform access

For teachers:

Interleaved Teacher’s Guide with Student’s Book Teacher´s Resource Material

Richmond Learning Platform access

Digital Book for classroom interactive whiteboard use

Mixed-ability worksheets for every unit

Complete assessment package

Richmond Learning Platform:

Audio, video, animated content and games

Extra practice activities for language and skills

Homework assignment feature

Detailed reports on learners’ performance and progress