Number of Levels: 6
Scope & Sequence:
Sample Unit:


Skyrocket is a six-level series for elementary school learners. Each unit is contentbased, to encourage children to focus on the topic more than on the structures and vocabulary presented. Skyrocket offers a wide variety of fun activities, such as games, songs, puzzles and more, in order to cater to different types of intelligences and learning styles.

Skyrocket offers a range of components to cater to every teacher’s needs and to develop different interests, abilities and skills. Among these are Value Activities, Communicative Grammar Games, Holidays, Multiple Intelligence Activities, Optional Grammar Book and more.

With Skyrocket students will:

become autonomous learners

develop receptive and productive skills

advance critical thinking and life skills

enjoy reading stories included in the Skyrocket through Literature section

Student’s Book

Practice Book with Student’s CD

Teacher’s Book with Audio CD and Digital Media Projects (levels 3 to 6)

Teacher’s Resource Material

Posters and Word Cards

Digital Book

Richmond Spiral Platform