Open Day

Open Day
Scope & Sequence:

In Open Day, students learn to communicate confidently in English. At each level, students are accompanied by characters called Good Buddies. They appear in stories with animals that are or have been critically endangered. This contact with endangered species will inspire students to become balanced human beings who care about the world they live in.

With Open Day, students will:

 Learn vocabulary and language aligned to the CEFRstandards.

 Get acquainted with international certification formatsfor young learners.

 Explore content from other subject areas (CLIL).

 Learn to enjoy life’s moments through mindfulnes sactivities

 Become productive members of their community throughactivities in the Citizenship section.

 Consolidate their knowledge about each topic by doingprojects.

 Share information about themselves through personalisedtasks.

 Developcritical thinking through the investigation of life’simportant questions.

For Students

Student’s Book

Practice Book


Digital Book

Richmond Learning Platform

e-Practice Book

Extra activities

Animated Readers with karaoke

Videos related to each Topic


For Teachers

Teacher’s Book



Richmond Learning Platform

Teacher’s Book

Audio (downloadable)

Evaluation resources

Activities for the videos related to each Topic


For Parents

Richmond Learning Platform

Home Connection (activities to carry out with kids)