Kids’ Web Second Edition

Number of Levels: 5
Scope & Sequence:
Authors: Paul Seligson

Kids' Web: Second Edition is an updated and improved version of the best-seller Kids’ Web, an English language series for the early years of primary school that connects students with the world of English speakers in a modern, fun and meaningful way. Designed to accompany children at every stage of their intellectual development, the course has been tailored to meet different goals at each level. This Second Edition combines the essence of the original version with various innovations.

The Kids' Web series helps children:

Communicative and collaborative approach, which promotes the practice of the four skills.

Work with interdisciplinarity: CLIL, Life Skills and Socio-emotional Competences.

Greater role of the character Webby and his gang.

Work with textual genres.

Kids’ Web Home Connection in Spanish with suggestions on how parents can participate in the children’s learning process.

QR codes that take students to digital educational objects.

Socio-emotional animations for the integral development of the child as a whole.

For students and parents:

Student’s Book with integrated Workbook.

Comic Book

Interactive activities, animations, audios and karaoke version of songs

Downloadable Home Connection Booklet

For teachers:

Downloadable Teacher’s Book

Teacher’s Resource Material

Downloadable Class Audio

Digital Book