Go Up!

Number of Levels: 3
Scope & Sequence:
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Go Up! 1

Go Up! 2

Go Up! 3

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Go Up! is a dynamic three-level course for primary school children. It fosters English language learning through attractive resources like stories, songs, chants, games and hands-on activities. Go Up! topics and themes are chosen to reflect children’s lives, interests and aspirations with an emphasis on social emotional learning activities. Vocabulary and grammar points are recycled continuously as children progress, while logical lesson structures ensure that the focus is always clear at a glance. Children are also regularly encouraged to reflect on their own learning experience, providing the teacher with a personal impression of each child’s achievements and abilities. All songs, stories and culture lessons are accompanied by fun videos and the focus on CLIL and cultural connections helps to give children a broader learning experience.

Student’s Book with stickers and cut-outs

Full-colour Activity Book + Audio

Interactive Activities

Teacher’s Book + Audio CDs

Teacher’s Resource Material

Digital Book

Video support for all songs, stories and culture lessons


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