Number of Levels: 7
Scope & Sequence:
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Compass is a brand new 6-level elementary school language arts program specially written to be used in countries where English is not the official language. Its modular and flexible organization of components offers teachers and students a distinct language learning experience that would increase students’ cultural awareness and foster their development of thinking skills. Presenting a unique blend of ESL and EFL methodologies and standards, Compass becomes the language arts program students will love using to meaningfully learn the language and carefully prepare themselves to sit for any international language examination.

With Compass students will:

thoroughly develop communicative skills.

reinforce learning with manipulatives for open-ended activities like retelling stories and posing questions.

become highly strategic learners.

increase their world cultural awareness.

enhance their critical thinking.

have multiple opportunities to practice the language with the books and on the platform.

work at different language levels online.

be exposed to a wide range of texts and genres to become avid readers.

improve their writing skills.

prepare themselves for Cambridge YLE, KET for Schools and PET for school’s examinations.


Language Log

Vocabulary and Grammar Log

Writing Log

Reading Log

Language Log Teacher’s Guide

Writing Log Teacher’s Guide

Reading Log Teacher’s Guide

Language Log Flashcards (levels 1-3)

Reading Log Flaschards (levels 1-3)

Word Concept Posters (levels 4-6)