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Personal Best is a six-level General English course for today’s busy young adults who want to maximise their English language learning experience. Developed with series editor Jim Scrivener, internationally renowned teacher trainer and presenter, Personal Best brings together a focus on practice as a driver of improvement and a 21st-century course package with an integrated web-based video show and the Personal Best Language App.


The e- Student's Book and e- Workbook are a page-faithful versión of the print books, but fully digital, interactive and trackable. They offer comprehensive language and skills presentations and self-study practice. They provide targeted practice of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, as well as the four skills.

Students can use the navigation tools at the bottom of the screen to flip through pages and locatecontent faster.

Students automatically get feedback every time they complete an activity. When they submit an activity, their score will be sent to the Markbook.

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