Jim Scrivener


Jim lives in Hastings, a historic coastal town in South-East England. He is married to Noémi and has two grown-up sons - Alex and Ben - a young daughter, Maisie and an even smaller son, Orlando. He has worked in many different countries, including two years in Kenya, three in the USSR and seven in Hungary. He is a frequent conference presenter and course leader around the world. He was head of the team that designed the Euro exams, now widely taken in Central Europe and has been actively involved with Cambridge ESOL exams including design of their online teacher portfolio. He designed and implemented the Bell Online Delta course. He is currently very interested in exploring the concept of “Demand-High” teaching. Jim is Head of Teacher Development for Bell. His publications include Learning Teaching (ARELS Frank Bell Prize 1995), two business coursebooks, Teacher’s Book for the Straightforward coursebook series, Teaching English Grammar (HRH Duke of Edinburgh English Speaking Union 2010 “Best Entry for Teachers”), Classroom Management Techniques (HRH Duke of Edinburgh English Speaking Union 2012 “Overall Winner”) and Visual Grammar (Richmond 2013).