New Titles

      • Kids Web Second Edition_ficha

        Kids’ Web Second Edition

        Kids’ Web Second Edition is an updated and improved version of the best-seller Kids’ Web, an English language series for the early years of primary school that connects students with the world of English speakers in a modern, fun and meaningful way.

      • Open Day

        Open Day

        In Open Day, students learn to communicate confidently in English. At each level, students are accompanied by characters called Good Buddies. They appear in stories with animals that are or have been critically endangered. This contact with endangered species will inspire students to care about the world they live in.

      • Keep it Real_catalogo

        Keep it REAL!

        Keep it REAL! is the ideal 6-level secondary course for today’s mixed-ability classes, with its flexible blend of dynamic video and digital content, easy-to-use classroom materials, and focus on developing communicative competence and 21st century skills.

      • signup_ne_boton1_sticker.png

        Sign Up to English New Edition

        Sign Up to English New Edition is afully-updated and improved version of the best seller Sign Up to English, a four-level (in its full edition) or seven-level (in its split edition version) series specially designed for teenagers studying English as a foreign language. It takes learners from a beginner or false beginner to a pre-intermediate level.

      • PersonalBestNewLevel_Ficha

        Personal Best

        Split Edition also available for levels A2 – B1 and B1+ Developed with award‐winning author Jim Scrivener, Personal Best is all about recognizing the needs of individual learners and giving them plenty of meaningful practice in English.